To date or not to date a Ukrainian girl?

Ukrainian women are promoted as being the most desirable on the planet? But does that mean that you should necessarily date or marry them? I’ll break down the pros and cons for you after spending years in the Ukrainian dating battlefields. 😀
*The videos embedded in this article are highly offensive to those you don’t like hearing the non-PC truth of the pros and cons of dating in Ukraine. If you are triggered by such content then best to click away from this page before your sensibilities are hurt by a heavy hard dose of reality. 😂

So first off, I’m going to give you the downsides to coming to Ukraine to meet girls. (I’m saving the best for last for you, don’t worry!)

In this first video, I outline the 5 most common complaints my foreign friends have made to me on their trips to Ukraine. These are guys who in general are successfully with women around the world but there was definitely a consensus of disappointment on their trips to Odesa, in particular.

The first 5 reasons for not dating Ukrainians are:

  1. See men as ATMs
  2. No sense of humor
  3. Scammers
  4. Overestimate self-worth
  5. Bad behavior on dates

Following the viral reaction to that first video, some of my other foreign friends in Ukraine came to me and said ‘Conor, why only 5? I can gave you at least 20!”. 😂So here’s the 2 sequel videos!

The second 5 reasons for not dating Ukrainians are:

  1. Flaky
  2. Suspicious
  3. Cunning
  4. Inflexibility
  5. Scammers … even for a McDonalds meal (see Vodka Vodcast episode 010 below)

The third 5 reasons for not dating Ukrainians are:

  1. Fake models
  2. Incompetence
  3. Bad manners
  4. Rewarding bad behavior
  5. Low energy
Now that you’re fully aware of the potential pitfalls to dating Ukrainian, now it’s time to give you the good news!
Here’s my video with the 5 reasons you should date Ukrainian girls! 😀

The 5 reasons for dating Ukrainians are:

  1. Beauty
  2. Loyalty
  3. Contribution in relationship
  4. Well educated
  5. Less interested in superficial looks
Well then, congrats on making your way through the videos, now you are fully informed to make your decision on whether traveling to Ukraine to find love or lust is for you or not.
So you might be mistaken for thinking that I am against dating Ukrainian girls, right? Definitely not the case, I still rate Ukraine as one of the best countries for beautiful, feminine and smart women. That’s why you see me so regularly in Ukraine in my travel videos. 😀
Your Irish boy here is just looking out for you guys. So now you have the unbridled truth! 😀
So if you are planning to travel to Ukraine to meet beautiful women then go ahead and invest in the Tsar Experience!
Best of luck finding love in Ukraine! 😍
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FREE Video Course:

5Biggest Dating Mistakes made by Western men!


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