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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to a safe, unforgettable and basically epic trip to New Europe where you can meet some of the most beautiful women in the world?

Yes? Then do you want to live the tsar experience?

Yes? Great. Now for a limited number of select people there is the amazing opportunity to come with me to the best cities in New Europe, like Warsaw, Chișinău, Almaty, Astana, Vilnius and Riga.

Update on 24 February 2022: with the ongoing violence due to the Russo-Ukrainian War, the in-experience is suspended indefinitely in Russia and Belarus.  When feasible, the in-person experience will return to Ukraine.

So who am I?

I’m a former British-Irish lawyer with a background in International Relations with a specialization in the New Eurasia and Strategic Studies from a prestigious US university ranked number in the world in this field of studies. Before becoming a YouTuber, I worked in a high powered international law firm, the European Commission and even interned for a future US Secretary of State. Moreover, I learnt over 10 languages and served as the president of the International Polyglot Society.

With this background, I’d probably have been a great fit for the CIA or MI6, like a slick James Bond-esque character. Yet today I have come to live a Bond-esque lifestyle without the risk of being hunted down by baddies with Russian accents. 😀   

Over a decade I started traveling intensely around the eastern half of Europe. It was a real struggle at first. I didn’t speak good Russian, I was unfamiliar with the region’s culture and I was naïve about how the dating norms differed from Western Europe and North America.

My first trip was a solo mission and a whirlwind adventure but was also marked by many low points. For example, I was drugged unconscious for 36 hours in Crimea, had my phone stolen by a girl at a club, was left holding a massive bill by gold digging Odesa chicks only interested in a free meal and I missed out on many great opportunities to connect with beautiful women by not being enough of what Russian-speakers would call a ‘real man’ or a настоящий мужик.

Yet I returned to Ukraine the next summer and the summer after that until I built my own social network, become streetwise in the art of dating in New Europe, learnt to recognize the red flags that identify infamous local scammer girls and mastered how to connect with and to seduce the incredibly beautiful women of New Europe.

My experiences became epic and now my clients refer to me as the ‘insider’ for New Europe. I later developed a high level social circle in the region, meeting and befriending the region’s successful men, all while dating models and beauty pageant winners. Join me and I will guide you on your path to also living the tsar experience …


The Tsar Experience is a unique and deep crazy adventure in New Europe, so I accept only a high quality guy to join me and my crew for this transformational trip.

For those who are admitted, this is an UNPRECEDENTED level of access to me and my life in New Europe. But it is not for everyone. This is not for misogynists, not for those with low standards in women nor for delusional 60 year old wife hunters looking for a 20 year old Instagram model. The Tsar Experience is by application only and the screening process is super strict.

“Having travelled with Conor, not only is he more well informed than most locals in their own country, he shone a huge metaphorical light over the dark depths and perceptions of the region. This meant we could all do what Conor enjoys doing best; having fun!”

Andrew Jackson, UK (featured in my Minsk winter nightlife video)


  • You must be coachable, open minded, striving for the highest standards and have a genuine love of the beautiful women of New Europe.
  • You must love the idea of travel and socializing in New Europe.
  • You must already have had quality women in your life and yet want to develop yourself further in this regard and reach a higher level of options with beautiful women in order to create truly unique relationships in New Europe.
  • You must be open to receiving critical feedback from me and my crew.
  • You must not be a victim who blames the world and women for your woes.
  • You must recognize that this is a PREMIUM experience and will require a high level of financial commitment from you.
  • You must love what you’ve seen so far on my YouTube channel and unwaveringly believe this is the logical next step in your journey.

Please remember that this is not for everyone. This is a PREMIUM experience which gives you high value and demands a high level of commitment from you in return. I only work with those candidates who are ready for this advanced level of experience and who have the requisite resources and determination to succeed.  Get ready live the Tsar Experience in the east of Europe! 😀

So are you ready to live the tsar experience? Then what are you doing next weekend? To apply for the opportunity to join me as a client on an unforgettable New European adventure then please fill out the APPLICATION FORM HERE!

So are you ready to live the tsar experience? Then what are you doing next weekend? To apply for the opportunity to join me as a client on an unforgettable New European adventure then please fill out the APPLICATION FORM HERE!

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