Hi! I'm Conor Clyne and welcome to the Tsar Experience. Before I get into the detail of what the Tsar Experience involves, let me explain how and why I came to be the Tsar.

I'm a former European lawyer with a background in International Relations from a prestigious top US university, with a specialization in Russia, Ukraine and Central Asia. I even worked as an intern to a future US Secretary of State and as a lawyer at the European Commission. Moreover, I've learnt over 10 languages and served as the president of the International Polyglot Society.

If this were 40 years ago, I’d probably be a minion in the CIA or MI6, a shadowy James Bond-esque character. But instead today I live a Bond-esque lifestyle without the risk of being hunted down by baddies with Russian accents. 🙂

About 10 years ago, I started traveling intensely around the former Soviet Union, it was a real struggle at first. I didn’t speak good Russian, I was unfamiliar with the region’s culture (even though I was very knowledgeable of its politics) and I was naïve as to how the dating norms differ from Western Europe or North America.

My first solo trip to the region was a whirlwind adventure but several unsavory things happened to me. I was drugged and unconscious for 36 hours in Crimea, had my phone stolen by a girl at a club in Odesa (which I managed to get back fortunately) and I was left with holding the bill on impromptu dates with girls who were in hindsight only interested in the free meal at a top restaurant and not their date who was paying for it.

So why did I even go back after this dramatic first trip? Because this is an amazing region to visit full of adventure and romance for an intrepid traveler.

Moreover, with every trip I grew in confidence. My Russian improved. I was able to spot scammers or unscrupulous dates a mile off and avoid interacting with them. They even more or less stopped approaching me.

A Ukrainian girl who hit on me on a flight from Kyiv to Vienna even told me that she could see straight away that I was not a naïve tourist in Ukraine from the way I interacted with the flight crew on the plane.

My experiences started to become epic. I wanted more and more of them. I stopped working full time and started to spend almost 50% of my time in the region (a lot of the rest being in Brazil but that’s another story).

Not only was I able to ‘survive’ traveling in this part of Europe, I began to thrive in fact. I made more friends, had more romantic encounters, got better value for money and nailed Russian (for the purposes of my trips). I began to have Tsar experiences.

Now I have formulated the Tsar experience into 3 keys (which you can read more about by clicking on the links): datingtravel, and language. Follow my system and you too can experience life as a tsar in the east of Europe!

So do you believe that you’re ready to live the tsar experience? Then what are you doing next weekend? To apply for the opportunity to join me as a client on an unforgettable adventure then please fill out the APPLICATION FORM HERE!

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