Is Lviv New Europe’s most romantic city?

Lviv is a fantastic city located in the west of Ukraine pretty close to the Polish border.

It attracts lots of tourists from neighboring Poland and further afield.

The city is packed full of Old World charm which makes it quite rare in Ukraine nowadays.

Romantic Old World Feel

For me Lviv is the perfect city to spend a romantic weekend with a girl you are dating. There’s really so much to do in this city in terms of activities together and the city center has a terrific historical ambiance. Add to that the coffee culture, selection of bars and traditional restaurants, and you have the perfect Ukraine couple weekend city break.

Ukrainian City of Traditions

While many Ukrainians refer to Lviv as the ‘most Ukrainian city’, in fact, I disagree. 

In Lviv, Ukrainian is the predominant language spoken in everyday life … which ironically makes it the only major Ukrainian city where this is the case. Russian is still the most spoken language in the cities like Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv and Dnipro.

Moreover, Ukrainian traditions like the festivals, food and clothes are much more common here than in the other major cities.

All in all that makes Lviv the least typical Ukrainian city in the country because it’s so different from all the others further to the east. 

In the vlog below, you can get a taste of experience over the Easter period in lovely Lviv.

Winter Wonders

While Lviv is really enjoyable in the summer with the warmer weather and longer sunny evenings. I actually find it even more charming in the wintertime. 

When the snow dons its historic rooftops, cathedrals and town hall, Lviv is absolutely beautiful. It’s the perfect time to stroll with a love interest on a chilly yet atmospheric winter’s afternoon.

Place to find your romance?

I started this article by recommending Lviv for guys who are traveling with a girl. That’s my standard advice for my clients as well. 

However, even for the single guy, Lviv does have a lot to offer in terms of fun in the summer sun. The city’s squares are thronged with the local singletons. 

I’ve even brought clients and friends to live the tsar experience with me in Lviv and in particular, the city has a vibrant bar scene which allows you to cut loose and enjoy the party vibe. 

Lviv is the ‘lion’ city that allows you to roar romantically out loud from above its fabulous facades. Single or not so single it’s always been one of my favorites. If you’ve yet to sample it, you simply haven’t been Lviv-ing it! 

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FREE Video Course:

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