3 Resources to Learn Ukrainian in 2023

Learning Ukrainian as a native English speaker is a major undertaking as it’s going to take you probably about 3 times longer than an ‘easier’ language like Spanish to learn.

That said Ukrainian is one of the world’s most melodic languages and now really important for foreigners planning to move to Ukraine.

Before learning Ukrainian, I had so much experience in learning other European languages like Russian, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese but only Russian was helpful as it has a similar-ish grammatical structure and some common vocabulary.

Here are 3 language learning products that I’ve used personally to help me not just learn Ukrainian but also Romanian, Russian and Belarusian for my escapades across New Europe.


iTalki is a language tutor platform. It’s perfect for helping you to find language tutors from all over Europe and beyond. 

My advice is to set up bi-weekly one-hour classes or 30-minute classes x4 per week to give yourself solid consistency over the long term. Also choose a teacher that motivates you to come back for the next class rather than a teacher that is technically the best teacher. You will need the long term motivation much more in order to follow through and learn Ukrainian properly. 


Glossika have their own method based on building your knowledge of Ukrainian through transformation and substitution drills. Moreover, their program utilizes spaced repetition learning and tests your reading, written and aural skills.  

Even better, their program offers not just Ukrainian but also Russian, Belarusian and Romanian, amongst many other languages so it definitely is a terrific resource for Eastern Europe language travel overall. 


Steve Kaufmann is a phenomenal language learning guru and he has harnassed the power of Stephen Krashen’s concept of ‘comprehensible input’ for his LingQ program.

Steve speaks fluent Ukrainian himself and successfully developed an option for learning Ukrainian early on in his endeavors with LingQ so definitely a guy ahead of the curve in this sense.

So whether you’re concentrating on nailing your Ukrainian for now or have already expanded your options for European linguistic mischief to Romanian, Russian or Belarusian, with these 3 resources, you’ll be good to go! 

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