How Western Guys get scammed in Ukraine

If you know anything about Ukraine, you also know that there are scammers everywhere, especially on the dating scene.

But why do some Western men lose ridiculous amounts of money on romance scams in particular? 

Let me give you a few examples in this article of what kind of scams I’m talking about here:

An American guy spends months, maybe even years, chatting with a beautiful young Ukrainian woman on a dating site. He spends thousands of dollars but that’s ok because she surely loves him. He takes a flight to Kyiv to meet her but at the airport it’s a no-show. 

Here’s my reaction to a TV show where the Ukrainian girl eventually does show up for an American guy …

In fact, very few of the guys who are victims of online romance scams in Ukraine ever actually come to visit the country. Many fall victim to scams on dating sites that are called PPL or ‘Pay Per Letter’ scams. 

These websites make massive money by charging male customers for communication with Ukrainian women. However, the guys are rarely chatting with a sincere wannabe bride on the other side of the world. In reality, they’ve fallen in love with a photo!

In this video, I review how an American man spent over US$300,000 ‘chatting’ with a Russian model. This scam is also particularly popular in Ukraine.

Even when the guy does meet a real women in the flesh in Kyiv or Odesa, quite often his date directs him to an overpriced restaurant and orders extremely expensive dishes. 

The bill inevitably ends up in the guy’s lap and his date has not only had an excellent meal, she has also made a hefty commission from the restaurant. This can easily leave the Westerner out of pocket to the tune of a US$1,000 or more!

Normally this happens because the foreigner is beguiled by a mixture of Slavic beauty and his lack of knowledge of the dating culture in this part of Europe. Also rule of law is extremely weak in Ukraine and this makes him easy prey for cold hearted scammer girls and they often look for their victims on international dating sites.

So are all Ukrainian girls scammers?

Nope, not at all but it’s extremely hard in Ukraine for a foreigner to sift through the scammers to get to the sincere women. He needs to be armed with the right set of skills and knowledge to avoid the dishonest women who are looking to take advantage of him.

Literally by avoiding the insincere ‘ladies’, a Western guy can 5x his possibilities of meeting his dream women in Ukraine. Odesa Mama may be ‘romance scam central’ but with the right plan, foreign lotharios can succeed without losing 10s of US$1,000s, sacrificing years of their lives or suffering emotional heartbreak. 

FREE Video Course:
5Biggest Dating Mistakes made by Western men!

FREE Video Course:

5Biggest Dating Mistakes made by Western men!


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