5 Reasons to move to Ukraine as a single guy

Why would you move to Ukraine? Many Westerners still think that it’s an impoverished country ravaged by war with little to offer.

But they would be wrong … here are 5 reasons for the right kind of Western guy to move 3-12 months per year to Ukraine. 

1. Beautiful Women

Now this first one is not really a surprise as Ukrainian women are world famous for their beauty. The rumors are true. Ukraine has a high concentration of hotties for sure.

But hold your horses, Don Juan! It’s not that easy to bag a model if you’re flying in for the weekend or even a week-long slash and burn party trip. Ukraine in my experience is a country where Westerners who invest in spending significant time here do the best with the ladies.

That’s because the automatic perceived value for being a foreigner is pretty low nowadays in the eyes of the most beautiful Ukrainian women. However, a Western guy who has ‘Slavic Mentality Intelligence’ and spends some time regularly in Kyiv, Odesa or Kharkiv will do extremely … and the more time you spend here, the better it gets! 

2. Cost of Living

In short, you get massive bang for your buck in Ukraine if you move here from the West. As a ballpark figure, the cost of living is about 1/3 but can be 1/5 or more if you are moving from an expensive city like New York, L.A., London or Paris. 

Now I don’t mean that things are simply cheap in Ukraine. I want to emphasize that they are great value for money if you want to live a high end lifestyle.

I used to live in Munich, Germany, which is an expensive spot in Western Europe. For the same lifestyle, I easily paid 4 to 5 times more for that elite quality of life there so eating out daily at the top places, frequenting the best gyms with a personal trainer, partying with the hottest chicks in the city and living in a top end apartment near Munich’s hot spots. 

For rent alone, I used to paid to pay more than 5 times more in Munich than the equivalent in Kyiv! So you see it becomes easy to understand why the cost of living difference is a huge advantage to moving eastwards at the moment.

3. Safety

While Ukraine may have its problems, petty and violent crime in its city centers is not generally one of them. I can say that I feel safer walking at night through the center of Kyiv, Odesa and Lviv than in New York, London or Paris for sure.

This relaxed piece of mind makes Ukraine an attractive spot. No need to worry unduly about being mugged … the most likely danger you’ll face is having your heart stolen by a local lady. 

4. Business Opportunities

If you’re living in Silicon Valley then there are amazing opportunities … but only for those who are likely to come up with the next big thing.

In Ukraine, on the other hand, not everything has been implemented that the market has already validated in the West so the opportunities for taking a lucrative business model and adapting to the Ukrainian market successfully is relatively high. 

Ukraine can in fact be your business El Dorado! 

5. Freedom

Lastly there is a sense of freedom that exists in Ukraine that has been lost in the last few years in the West. While Western democracies may have successfully provided their citizens by and large with peace and prosperity since World War 2, nowadays there is an encroachment on personal freedom that does not effect life as much in Ukraine.

You don’t have to worry about overbearing political correctness or encroaching socialism making a return anytime soon here. Ukrainians still have a recent stark memory of those types of regimes that makes them less attractive to the average citizen here.

So roll your sleeves up and expect a phenomenal experience with living in the raw east of Europe: Ukraine! I recommend that you spend at least 3 months per year here in order to make the most of your opportunities. 

*Featured image courtesy of my friends at the swimwear brand Giammetti Foundation

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