New Europe Language and Relationship Fundamentals

In the late 2000s, I started traveling solo regularly to what I now dub ‘New Europe’ (Ukraine, Poland, Czechia, Romania, Moldova, the Baltics etc) with little understanding of the region’s customs and limited local linguistic skills. 

I ended up meeting scammers, dating gold diggers and otherwise being Billy No-mates.

Thus, I lost precious time, hard-earned cash and wasted emotions on the wrong women.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve overcome these initial obstacles to live the dream social and dating life with the genuine 9s and 10s in terms of beauty and character in this region.

Would you like to know how I did this?

This would allow you to save yourself years of trial-and-error, thousands in scams and untold wasted emotions in low quality girls. 

Since 2020, I’ve been developing my premium on-demand video programs to help my audience emulate my success for the minimum amount of investment. 

Now I’ve combined the best of these videos in my New Europe Fundamentals bundle.

Here’s what you’ll get inside:

  • 15 video modules in which I teach you all the ins and outs to dating in New Europe, namely Slavic ScamBuster Secrets and Slavic Seduction Secretsplus all the Q&A videos with the Tsar where I answer the burning questions from the participants in the live bootcamps based on my 15 years experience in the region (value: US$544);
  • 52 videos modules to get you up to speed and speaking Russian and Ukrainian, namely: Speak Russian Secrets, Speak Ukrainian Secrets and Language Up Your Lifeplus all the Q&A videos with me where I share my secrets with you about how I learnt over 10 languages faster and easier, including fluent Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian and Belarusian (value: US$591);
  • 15-minute one-on-one personal action plan call with me where I personally will help you create an action plan that will keep you safe, avoid disappointments, be more attractive and meet the woman of your dreams from New Europe (value: US$300); and
  • Lifetime access to all videos so that you can review and access them anywhere, anytime and at your own pace (Priceless!).

Total value: US$1,435

Special Bundle Price: US$597

“3 years ago, I planned a trip to Ukraine and Belarus. I knew I was entering a new world where traditions run deep and cross-cultural misunderstandings are common … But I had no idea just what I would find or what exactly to do in order to find success once I arrived.

I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Conor Clyne’s YouTube channel and decided to sign up for a personal consulting. It was the best decision I had made and it was well-worth it. I would have been totally unprepared without it.

With his years of personal experience in Eastern Europe, Conor not only made sense of complex cultural differences but he also had the rare ability to tailor his expertise to my unique situation.

I have now lived in Eastern Europe for 3 years and still remember (and routinely employ) Conor’s tips and advice. I can’t recommend Conor enough; he’s a beacon for anyone looking to bridge cultures and find success in any Slavic community. His expertise isn’t just valuable; it’s essential.”

David Watkins, USA

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