5 reasons why women in New Europe are the most desired in the world

Women from New Europe are famed the world over for their dazzling desirability. Whether they are from Ukraine, Poland, the Baltics, Moldova, Romania or Kazakhstan, the local lasses are considered to be the lovely ladies.

Interested to know more about the originals of this concentration of beauty? Is there a DNA link to being beautiful? Then watch this primer video first!

Here are the most common 5 reasons why women in New Europe (area in Europe roughly to the east of Germany and east of Russia) are so desired the world over:

1. Beauty

Women in this part of Europe are known for their natural beauty, with striking features such as high cheekbones, clear skin and expressive eyes. Their physical appearance is often considered exotic and alluring, making them stand out in a crowd.

2. Intelligence

Moreover, such women are often well-educated, with a strong emphasis on academic achievement in their culture. They tend to be intellectually curious, knowledgeable, and well-read, making them excellent conversationalists and stimulating companions.

    3. Classical femininity

    Many women further to the east in Europe place a high value on family values and classical femininity, such as loyalty, respect and commitment. They often prioritize their relationships with their partners and family members over their careers or personal pursuits.

    4. Strong work ethic

    As a corollary, women from the broader region are known for their hard work and dedication, whether it’s in their professional or personal lives. They tend to be responsible and reliable, with a strong sense of duty and commitment.

    5. Cultural richness

    Europe has a rich and diverse cultural heritage, and women from the central and eastern regions often embody its unique traditions and customs. They tend to be proud of their roots and are often passionate about sharing their culture with others. This can make them particularly interesting and appealing to those who are interested in learning more about different cultures.

    While I have indeed outlined 5 reasons why these women in New Europe are so desired across the globe by men, it would be remiss of me not to mention that the overwhelming reason is the first one: beauty.

    So what is the best way to get a model level girlfriend? Well in my experience coming to New Europe for at least a few months a year, learning the local language and building a high value social circle will put you in the best position to meet, date and have a long term relationship (maybe even marriage) with an amazing woman.  

    One thing is for sure: you will never to readjust your perceptions of female beauty after the overkill from living in New Europe if you were to return to the West for any extended period of time.

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    FREE Video Course:

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