5 reasons why learning languages makes you sexier when you travel!

I love traveling and using the languages that I learn, even if it is just a little bit in the beginning. For singles, romance is always a distinct possibility when traveling. The expression a ‘summer romance’ can also be adapted to a ‘travel romance’. As I travel using the languages that I speak, a question I am often asked is whether being multilingual makes you more attractive to the opposite sex.
Does speaking foreign languages make you more attractive?
Below I will outline 5 of the benefits that I have found that languages have given me with respect to romance and travel.
If you meet someone that you’re attracted to and you don’t speak a common language then it will be almost impossible to have a romantic encounter. Some people claim to speak the ‘language of love’ but I have always taken such claims with a pinch of salt. In general, no common language equals no romance. Clearly here speaking multiple languages dramatically increases the possibility of finding a partner.
Festa Pomerana girls
Speaking the local language certainly helps with making new friends but is it necessary for romance?
But what if your romantic interest speaks enough of your native tongue or English? A lot of singles in Europe can speak some English so would it be better to focus all one’s energies into learning and using English? Learning languages is a gateway into learning the culture of the country. In my experience, understanding a person’s culture is essential for building strong relationships. So even if you can converse in English while traveling, not understanding the culture will be a handicap.
Romantic Sunset Byblos Lebanon
Romantic sunset in Byblos, Lebanon
Some dating sites claim that speaking a second language is cited as making a match more attractive than for a monolingual. So speaking a second language is also considered a superior skill even if you don’t need the language for communication or for cultural knowledge. This could be an advantage with tourists as they will generally not speak the local language or be very familiar with the local culture. Demonstrating superior knowledge of where you are traveling is attractive.
Italian guy Odessa
Understanding the local culture is vital for a summer romance – don’t be left dancing on your own!
Sometimes speaking a third language other than the local language or your native tongue may provide a bond with someone you meet. For example, if an American who can speak French is traveling in Italy and meets an Italian who has also learned French and they can use it to communicate and the common experience of having endeavored to have learnt this language will create a deeper bond between them.
Odessa Stammtisch

Making new multilingual friends while traveling is easy in Europe – me at the German Stammtisch in Odesa, Ukraine

Often the ability to speak lots of languages is mistaken with being extremely intelligent. I have never believed this to be the case. While it’s possible to be ‘clever’ about learning languages, I have never subscribed to the idea that it’s proof of innate intelligence. Still many believe that being a polyglot equals intelligence. Intelligence is sexy. You do the math! 😉
Feeling the love from my barista
But is that enough to make the investment for romance alone?
I have friends who have traveled with me without speaking the local language. They still found romance, relying on English and my explanations of the local culture. So is it really worth learning the local language for a ‘travel romance’?
I once read about a UK university study that claimed that speaking a second language made you 13% more attractive to the opposite sex.
Mamaia girl
Traveling provides ample opportunity for parties but how about romance?
Well there must be dramatic diminishing returns on every new language learnt otherwise I would be irresistible to women at this stage. 😀 That said, speaking multiple languages does help with building stronger relationships in my personal experience, especially when traveling so I would argue that being a multilingual traveler certainly boosts your romantic opportunities.
And even if these 5 reasons don’t convince you, learning languages by ‘pillow talk’ (as my first Russian teacher described it) while or after traveling is certainly a more stimulating and fun experience than the drudgery of a staid classroom! 😉

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