Why be a Tsar and NOT a tourist in Ukraine

Here I’ll show you, why you should live the Tsar Experience and avoid being a tourist when you come to Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. As you’ll see there’s a huge difference between the experience of a tourist and a Tsar.

While a tourist is not very well informed about the city, its culture and its people, a tsar, on the contrary, quite literally, is an expert and knows what the heck he’s doing here.

In this video you’ll learn, what’s the difference between being a Tsar and a tourist:

So, the first big difference is in their relationship with beautiful women here in the region. How many tourists leave Ukraine, for example, disappointed and empty-handed because they come here with all these preconceptions about Ukrainian women, especially in a city like Odesa, which is a big tourist mecca during the summer and they just naively think that being a foreigner and having relatively more money than the average Ukrainian is gonna make them absolutely a big shot here.

But that’s categorically not the case. Once you understand the culture and how to interact with beautiful women in Odesa, you will know why that is and why that is obviously just a fantasy. Ukrainian girls are not gonna be throwing themselves at male visitors, just keep that in mind!

Moreover, another issue with being a tourist in a big touristic city like Odesa, is being scammed, especially by romance scams.

Scammers know exactly how tourists are going to think, because they all do more or less the same thing. A regular tourist would think, okay, I only have a short amount of time here in Odesa and to maximize my opportunity of having a whole holiday romance, or maybe meeting someone more seriously, I will go on specific dating sites or apps. And so he does, and there’s where scammers are awaiting for him.

The most common story is: you arrange a date with a girl, maybe on Tinder or a dating site. She shows up with a girlfriend (first red flag) then they chose the place to go to (second red flag). There they order some pretty expensive drinks and food and then just leave you with the bill. These girls are normally working for these establishment that they invite tourists to and do it only to make money from them.   

And that’s another thing that differs between a tourist and a Tsar: tourists are predictable. Tourists always do the same thing, they’re going to congregate in the same place and that leaves them very open and vulnerable and scammers know exactly where to find them.

The next point is the language. Now I know that the official language of Ukraine is of course Ukrainian, but in reality in the big cities that you are going to visit most people will use Russian in daily life. And, of course, speaking at least low intermediate Russian will bring you huge advantages.

The biggest value I actually get from speaking Russian here is basically that it deters scammers from coming near me. Another plus is, if you meet a girl and she does not speak really good English, even your even weak Russian should be enough in order to continue with that relationship.

What I also found is, speaking Russian here makes me more unique and it would definitely separate you from 95% of ‘weekend tourists’. Moreover language helps you to enter the culture of the country and understand its people.

Speaking the native language to locals forces you to put yourself in their position and see the world from their point of view and that is very educative because you’re gonna have a better idea about how their society works.

So another huge mistake that I see tourists make here in Ukraine and in particular in Odesa during the summer is that they go where all the other guys go: they go to Arcadia and to all the most obvious clubs.

Now the problem with that is of course that the beautiful girls that you’re going to hangout with (if you know what you’re doing) are not going to be there in those clubs that attract a lot of tourist guys. At those clubs, you will mainly meet gold diggers, hookers or girls who are just not very pretty.

The most beautiful women in the world are here in Odesa Mama but they’re not going to be at the party scene where the tourists go, they’re going to be at the better places and if you’re a Tsar – you’ll know where those are!  

And the final reason why you should be a Tsar and not a tourist is your long-term knowledge and integration into Ukraine.

If you come here as a tourist you’re gonna have a very superficial experience of the country and that’s going to make your attachment to the country very weak and short-lived and you probably are not going to want to actually come back here afterwards because you just had a tourist experience.

So, here is some advice on how you can turn your regular tourist experience in Russia, Ukraine or Belarus into a Tsar Experience with my help:

  1. Relationship with beautiful women – learn how to interact with them
  2. Predictability – don’t do what all the regular tourists do
  3. Local language – speak at least a little bit of Russian
  4. Choose places carefully – don’t go where all the tourist guys go
  5. Integration – appreciate the country you visit

Yes, perhaps you too can live the Tsar Experience instead of a tourist trap but it’s not for everybody!

If you are the kind of person who wants to come here to Russia, Ukraine or Belarus during the summer, you want to party hard, to meet beautiful women, you want to just have an unforgettable experience and learn loads of lifelong skills all during your stay here in a city like Odesa (it can also be Kyiv, Minsk, Moscow or Saint Petersburg) then …

you need to go here to the Live the Tsar Experience page or apply directly with the following application form.

You can also reach out to me by email at conorclyne@tsarexperience.com or slide into my DMs on my Instagram.

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FREE Video Course:

5Biggest Dating Mistakes made by Western men!


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