Is Ukraine cheap in 2021?

Many vloggers on YouTube have been talking about how cheap Ukraine is and a lot of these price comparisons claim that it’s one third or maybe a quarter the price of say cities like London or New York. 

In this article I am going to be giving you my personal experience and show you what it’s really like here in terms of the comparison of price between countries of Western Europe as an example and here in Ukraine.


I’ve spent quite a lot of time in Odesa and I can say that the prices for accommodation in Odesa off-season are incredibly cheap.  

Now prices in Kyiv are maybe double of Odesa off-season, so, to give you a little bit of range, I’d say, that Kyiv is probably about one-third the price of renting in Western Europe and Odesa is probably one quarter – one fifth off-season.

Of course, when it’s high season in Odesa, the price may even triple compared to the off-season prices but in the off-season you can get a nice Airbnb apartment in the city center of Odesa for like 25-30 euros, in Kyiv – for 50-60 euros.


So, eating out in Ukraine is indeed probably about half to one-third the compared to Western Europe or North America. 

The Variety of cuisine here is really wide: ranging from traditional Ukrainian and former Soviet Union cuisine (like Crimean Tatar, Georgian, Azeri and so on) to European and Japanese; and even on top of that, if you smoke shisha, hookah just as good as you’re gonna get in the Middle East!


Now I’m very rarely at the supermarket but if I do go there it’s normally to pick up some local alcohol and here in Ukraine it’s so much cheaper than you’re gonna find in Western or in Northern Europe (never mind North America). Here, for example, you can get a bottle of local sparkling wine for around 3 to 4 euros.


If you’re a regular viewer of my Instagram stories, you’ll know that I am a coffee addict. Everyday I’m working in great cafes where I get the best coffee and the quality in Ukraine is just as good as you’re gonna find in other countries. 

You can go to specialty cafes and the price is probably about half the price than you’re gonna find them cities like Amsterdam, London, Paris, etc.


You’re going to have to pay for your transport as you go around in Ukraine. There are metros in Kyiv and in Kharkiv and actually also in Dnipro. The metro in Ukraine costs around 10 percent of that in Western Europe, it’s extremely cheap here.

In general, taxis are around 25-30 percent of the cost of Western Europe in Ukraine.

If you take a flight, the cost of flights here internally is about 50 percent what you would expect to pay in say North America and West Europe.


So at this stage, you’re probably wondering, how much does it cost to be a baller and enjoy that famous Ukrainian nightlife. Now, if you want to go for cocktails at nice places, you’re going to do that for just a fraction of the cost of like going to San Tropez or Miami.

Here in Odesa you can have the same quality, same beautiful girls and everything’s gonna cost you probably 20-25 percent of being at the very high end in the glamor locations of the US or Western Europe.


If you haven’t watched my 5 reasons never to date a Ukrainian girl trilogy then you really need to go ahead and look at those 3 videos because only then will you understand that financially speaking, Ukrainian girls could be your biggest expense while you’re here in Ukraine. 

Of course, I also have a 5 reasons to date a Ukrainian girl and it gives you the positive things about dating in Ukraine and dating Ukrainian women. But you must be aware, that here in Ukraine men take the lead: you are the one who decides what to do, you lead and then you pay the bill. 

As a result of that, when you’re going out dating, the cost of things like entertainment, restaurants, etc. ends up costing you at least double if not more.

So, summing up, it’s true, that it is significantly cheaper to live and party in Ukraine than in Western Europe or North America for the same top end experience – perhaps as much as 25% of the cost.

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FREE Video Course:

5Biggest Dating Mistakes made by Western men!


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