To date or not to date a Belarusian girl?

Do you know anything about Belarusian girls? What is so special about dating them? How they treat foreigners? What are their idiosyncracies?

Traveling around Belarus many times has allowed me get to know many local girls and now I can give you the answers to these questions.

more *The videos embedded in this article are highly offensive to those you don’t like hearing the non-PC truth of the pros and cons of dating in Belarus. If you are triggered by such content then best to click away from this page just skip this article right away and check something neutral like How new visa free rules will make Belarus a country to visit in 2019/2020.

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Let’s start with the first video, explaining what is so good about Belarusian girls and why you should consider dating them.

The 5 reasons for dating Belarusians are:

  1. Stunning beauty
  2. High level of trust
  3. Ebullient about foreigners
  4. Enthusiastic and energetic (in bed as well 😉)
  5. Really polite

But it’s not all rosy and you knew it was going to happen, so here is the next video, exposing the down side of dating a Belarusian.

The 5 reasons for not dating Belarusian girls are:

  1. Infidelity
  2. Not so concerned about using protection during sex
  3. Very short courtship followed by expectation of marriage
  4. Flakiness
  5. Predictability – Belarusian girls are often boring

So, now you are all the wiser about what awaits you if you decide to date a Belarusian girl. 

    I trust that you found my views well reasonable and valuable and I’d be glad to hear your opinions on the subject.

    So if you are planning to travel to Belarus to meet beautiful women then go ahead and invest in the Tsar Experience!

    Best of luck finding love in Bela.Rus! 😍

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    FREE Video Course:

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