So what you’re going to do right now is:

1 – Thank you for taking this step closer to have an unforgettable experience in the amazing East of Europe

2 – In this guide, you’re going to discover the secrets as to why I chose this region as my base of operations for the last 10 years, namely:

a. My top 5 favorite cities in Eastern Europe

b. 3 biggest mistakes made by men pursuing beautiful women in Eastern Europe & how you can avoid making them 

c. What you can do with your money relative to NYC, London or Paris & discover the amazing value of a trip to Eastern Europe

d. Crazy unique activities that you will live through on the Tsar Experience

e. What it means to travel like the tsar

3 – From my videos, it may seem like a piece of cake partying in Eastern Europe, yet when I first arrived in the region 10 years ago, I faced many of the difficulties that you might face on a trip to the region.

I didn’t speak Russian or Ukrainian and no idea how to open a conversation. Plus, I couldn’t understand 80% of what was being said to me.

Moreover, my previous meetings with Russian girls had not prepared me for interacting with girls still living in a country like Ukraine or Russia. The girls I had previously met were in hindsight very Westernized so to a certain extent my time with them had lured me into a false sense of security. The reality was a mixture of traditional values and gender roles woven into a modern facade.

On the first day in Ukraine, I remember distinctly sitting on a terrace at Veranda restaurant on Lviv’s main square and seeing an amazingly beautiful blonde girl. She smiled at me but I froze unable to open a conversation with her. She continued to glance over at me as she and her friends drank a bottle of champagnskaya in the warm summer evening air.

Still nothing from me … I couldn’t seem to muster up the courage to go over and even say ‘hi’ or ‘привіт’. Even this I could have handled in Ukrainian or Russian. Instead I sat there glued to my seat wistfully looking in her direction every once in a while. Eventually she got up walked towards me and gave me a huge grin … and then walked off the terrace onto the square with her friends.

Gutted with my lack of initiative, I spent the next week battling with my shyness. This solo trip was going to suck big time if I didn’t figure out how to deal with this approach anxiety. I began to push myself out of my comfort zone.

The next few weeks were wild. I did have romantic liaisons with girls. In Sevastopol, one even came to my apartment … I didn’t wake up for 36 hours. Fortunately, nothing was missing in my apartment but I awoke naked in my bed without much recollection of what had transpired.

Later on in Odessa, a girl I was ostensibly with at Ibiza Club asked to borrow my new expensive phone to call her friend as we couldn’t find her in the club. A few seconds later, I realised she had disappeared with my phone …

Frantically searching for her, I came across her friend but couldn’t communicate with her in Russian. I guessed that the only way for her to leave was by taxi at the entrance to the beach area of Arcadia. I dashed along the path leading to where the taxi mafia was gathered waiting for clubbers to head for the exit.

There in the distance I spotted her about to get into a taxi with my new phone in her back pocket. I accelerated and just as she opened the door, grabbed the phone from her pocket before she had the time to react. 

She gave me the finger and a ‘fuck you!’ before getting into the taxi.

Traveling in the ex-USSR was just a little more than a bit stressful. 

Right now, you are probably thinking ‘Why ever date these unsavoury women in such a dodgy place’? And you’d be right in thinking that but there’s a good reason: the electrifying energy of cities like Odessa and the fabled beauty of their female inhabitants. I was addicted.

Over the next few trips, I avoided these super dramatic scenarios and gradually got a feel for the culture and languages of the region. I traveled extensively around countries like Romania, Serbia, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic countries and Russia.

I had more and more romantic encounters but in spite of my progress something still seemed missing in my interactions with women there. There was something I was not quite getting and then I met the person who enlightened me as to the missing elements.

We met at a wedding (neither of us was the groom). He was a sensei of sorts. I invited him on a trip to Eastern Europe. He agreed and the result was life-changing for both of us.

It was an unforgettable trip. 2 weeks of fiesta madness through Romania, Moldova and Ukraine. Then and over the next few years, he coached me personally until my understanding of Eastern European girls was magical.

Many of the mistakes I was making were pretty basic. I listened attentively. I followed the steps he taught me until they became so ingrained, they were automatic.

My game upped considerably. Soon I was dating models and the region’s beauties galore. Many of these women were not only stunning looking but also intelligent with great values.

Now I want to teach you the secrets to this part of the Tsar Experience that I myself was taught by someone more knowledgable and experienced. Are you ready to unlock this key to my lifestyle? Are you curious to live the same amazing dating experiences in Eastern Europe?

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