5 Amazing Places near to Odesa, Ukraine

International tourism to Ukraine focuses almost exclusively on Kyiv, Odesa and Lviv, the country’s principal touristic cities.

But what can a foreigner go if he has some more time to spend in Odesa on the Black Sea, like a 3-month stint?

Here are 5 possible trips (illustrated in detail in the 5 videos below) to take within touching distance of Odesa Mama that are best done in the company of a local Ukrainian beauty. 


The region to the west of Odesa and south of Moldova along the Black Sea is the historic region of Budjak. It begins about an hour’s drive outside of Odesa and continues all the way the Romanian border.

The highlights are majestic castle at Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, the region’s vineyards at Shabo and near Bolhrad, Bessarabian cuisine and the flora of the Danube Delta, where the last town is known as Ukraine’s ‘Venice’ (Vylkove).

Southern River Buh

You might get bitten by the ‘Bug’ or the River Buh that flows the the north east of Odesa from Pervomaisk via Voznesensk to Mykolaiv.

Along the river’s rapids, there are plenty of opportunities for water sports, in particular at Myhiya. For a mini Grand Canyon, there’s Aktovsky Canyon near to Voznesensk amongst others.

For Cold War history buffs, there’s a unique opportunity to explore the remnants of M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction) at the Museum of Strategic Rocket Forces near Pervomaisk which allows you to imagine being a Soviet Doctor Strangelove and presses the nuclear red button. 

The Magical Maldives of Ukraine

The Maldives … in Ukraine? Yes, they do exist or at least on the island of Dzharylhach it does. Breathtakingly beautiful located just off the coast near to Crimea, this island is just one of the many ecological hotspots along the coast to the east of Odesa.

Another one closer to the city is the Kinburn Spit located a short boat ride from the port town of Ochakiv. More tranquil and picturesque than the Odesa seaside, these less known spots provide an idyllic getaway from the big smoke. 

Finally frolicking in the muds …

You’ve probably heard of the medicinal Dead Sea muds in the Middle East but few visitors to Odesa know of the Kuyalnik. Located to the north of Odesa, it’s a popular spot for sunset photos amongst locals.

It’s also a fun afternoon trip from the city center to break things up from the beach party scene that Odesa is more famous for. Just be prepared for the smell … the odor from the sulphur is super intense here!

If you’re a Western guy who would like to spend 3 months plus in Ukraine and in particular, in Odesa, then you have plenty of options to enjoy traveling outside of the pearl on the Black Sea. 

So if you decide to invest in an Odesa Black Sea villa or a Kyiv Dnipro penthouse then rest assured that you’ll have plenty to see when you leave your palace. 

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